Today there is an alternative to both sandblasting and chemical stripping your automobile. Plastic Media Blasting has quickly become the most popular and excepted method.

Plastic Media is mainly used for thin gauge sheet metals. This method uses plastic granules which are harder than paint but softer than the base material. Using a high-volume, low pressure application, the media will cut, shear and lift the paint without affecting the substrate.

Since it is a dry process, there is no flash rust after stripping and most importantly the plastic won't warp or pit the metal. It's non-corrosive and safe for all metal, stainless steel, fiberglass, plastics, aluminum and moving parts. The only short fall is it won't remove rust... hence may require other blasting methods.

Our turn around time is normally 1 - 4 days.

Cars Pricing:

Restoration from the exterior down to the rims... We do it all.

Vehicle Exterior, $850
Whole Vehicle (ext, jams, under hoods & deck. 'Body color'), $1200
Restoration (body shell, all body panels, and frame in/out), $1950
Bare Body Shell (exterior, underside, in/out complete), $950
Hood (in/out), $195
Fender, Door or Deck Lid (in/out, blast rust where possible), $125
Engine Compartment (without motor), $250
Frame (bare frame only), $350
Chassis (rolling chassis), $550
Sub Frame, $150
Rear, $60
Inner Fender Well, $40
Radiator Support, $50
Rim (steel) (set of 4 = 150), $40

Trucks Pricing:

From the exterior down to the rims, cabs, beds and including dump trucks. No truck is too big for us! Well maybe an 18-wheeler, but you get the idea!

Truck Exterior (full size pick up, add 200 for inside bed), $850
Cab (bare cab off frame, no doors, blast in/out), $500
Bed (in/out and under), $550
Dump Truck (mason dump), $475

Other Automotive Pricing:

Other automotive items consists of items not on the other automotive price lists. Examples might include, wheels, rims, mower decks, etc...

Corvette (exterior), $950
Cycle Frame, $175
Cycle Tank and Fenders, $225
Mower Deck, $100
Rim (aluminum), $75
Dirt Modified Frame, $650
Aluminum Intake, $55

Why Plastic Media

Within the past 20 years, industry has been slowly converting from sand as a blasting agent to chopped nut shells (almonds and walnuts are very popular) and plastic media blasting agents. Body and paint shops are using walnut shell media blasting agents more and more for the removal of paint. This is because of the sharp edges on the crushed walnut shells which help to remove the paint much quicker. Plastic media blasting is the blasting media of choice in the automotive industy because the plastic will remove the paint and primers without digging into the underlying metal. This means there will be less panel repairing required when the media blasting is completed. Plastic is slowly becoming the media blasting agent of choice because it is easily recyclable and less costly than sand.


Typically, used sand was discarded as hazardous waste, because the paint chips mixed with sand can't be easily or economically removed. With a small reclamation system, plastic media can have the rust and paint contaminants easily removed, thus making the media recyclable.

Other Media

We use a variety of media depending on the automobile type and scope of work. Plastic media has 3 variations with different hardnesses giving you the ability to blast metal, fiberglass, aluminum and other surfaces. Walnut shells, baking soda, glass bead, alum oxide, crushed glass... 

How we process automotive cars and parts

We actually use a combination of materials. After preparation and masking is complete, we pull you car or parts into our dedicated plastic media blasting room. This is step one, the plastic media will remove all of the paint and primer but will not remove rust. After blasting we blow off parts and move them into another blast room for rust removal. This second step requires a material such as alum oxide or steel grit it remove the rust. After this process we blow off part, un-tape and blow off again. At this point you are basically ready for primer, which we could apply. Bare steel has a tendency to rust relatively quickly so the application of primer should be within a day or two.

Priming and Painting

Priming is available, we spray many types of primers; self-etching, epoxy primers, industrial primers, standard solvent based and from many different manufacturers. What we ask is that if you know what the final paint system you are going to use for the car's paint finish. We highly recommend keeping within the paint manufacturer's recommendations.

Painting: we are not a body shop, the painting we do would be a frame or the underside of the body. Basically no exterior body panels or custom colors.

Our customers come from Doylestown, Newtown, Warrington, Warminster, Huntingdon Valley, Southampton, Fairless Hills, Souderton, Quakertown, Hellertown, Allentown, Pottstown, Norristown, and Philadelphia, PA as well as Trenton, Flemington, Princeton, Frenchtown, and Sumerville, NJ

Great turn-around time