We have been a training facility for 15 years. With the increase in popularity, we have added new topics to ensure our program will cover everything you need to know. Whether you are starting your own business or required by your employer to receive training, we are the place. Our extensive knowledge was personally gathered from 20 years of experience in the industry, including opening and running multiple blasting shops. We also have a background in equipment sales, manufacturing, repairs and installations.

Every participant will walk away with an increased comprehension of abrasive blasting and in-turn increased production at their own facility. Our training center has a variety of equipment to better provide an overall awareness of the major manufacturing tools of the trade.

Topics covered:

Proper technique
Proper use of equipment
Operator safety
Media selection and there usage
Hand on blasting time
Pricing and estimating
Equipment selection
Maintenance and repair
Technical basics
Air compressor CFM and PSI
Dust collector cfm and motor sizing
Reclaim system types and usage
Blast room layout
Blast machine remote control systems
Abrasive valve and operation

Training days normally run 4 -6 hours depending on your experience.

Training program cost is $500.

For any trainees who do not reside locally, we are only one hour north of the Philadelphia Airport.

It would be insane to restore a car any other way